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Every Other Week Service

Springtime Maids specializes in every other week house cleaning services using the same cleaner or team where ever possible. We provide all suppies and equipment necessary to clean your house, we do ask that you provide your own trash can liners. We are licensed, insured and bonded. All our cleaners are background checked and are employees, no sub contractors. Rates are based on a $35 per man hour first time charge. After the first cleaning we offer every other week service at a flat rate. We do not clean windows, use step ladders, do laundry, wash dishes or move furniture. We do expect the house to be picked up so the cleaners use your time to clean rather than straighten and organize.

Monthly and Special House Cleaning

After the first cleaning, we offer monthly services as a call in basis about the same week each month. We cannot guarantee same cleaner or day of the week. We also offer empty house cleaning for move out and move in as schedule allows at the $35 per mon hour rate.

All cleanings are provided Monday - Friday only and during regular business hours.

Customer Needs Are Incorporated In Each Cleaning

During your first cleaning, as well as in the follow up conversation, we strive to reconcile your feedback and special needs for the next and every other week service. By sending the same cleaner each time we get to know your likes and dislikes and you get to know what to expect from our cleaner. 

We do need a way to enter the house and lock up once cleaning is completed. Payment is requested at the time of the service. Please arrange for all pets to be safely secured.

The Cleaning Process


 Generally the bathrooms are the first rooms to be cleaned. Using all over the counter cleaning products, the mirrors are cleaned, all surfaces like sinks, countertops, inside and outside of toilets, tubs and showers are sanitized. Trash is removed and the floors are vacuumed and mopped.

Bedrooms and Common Living Areas

 The beds are made up and if fresh sheets are left on the beds to be stripped and remade we will do that. In bedrooms and other rooms like living, dining rooms, the ceiling fans, blinds and baseboards are dusted. All furniture dusted or polished. Floors are vacuumed and hard surface floors vacuumed and mopped. 

Kitchen and Other Areas

 The kitchen is usually the last area of the house to be cleaned. Outside of appliances are sanitized as well as countertops, sinks, outside of cabinets as needed, inside of the microwave is the only thing we clean inside. Other areas like stairs, hallways, laundry rooms, offices are also cleaned.

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We can give you a quote for the first cleaning as well as every other week and monthly service after the first cleaning. Please advise if this is an empty house  cleaning request.

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Flyer Delivery Service For Other Businesses

Advertising For Residential Services


SPRINGTIME MAIDS offers a very affordable FLYER DELIVERY SERVICE for businesses.

All flyers are delivered by Bill Dinkel personally with the advertisements of Springtime Maids.

The delivery area is South Charlotte including Waxhaw, Indian Trail, Stallings, Ballantyne and Blakeney.

Flyers are placed inside the newspaper boxes located under most suburban  type mailboxes.

Many advertising options for small businesses are very expensive and online driven or provided by the USPS by mail delivery routes only.

Media driven advertising such as radio, television, etc. are very, very expensive and only last for short campaigns.

Flyer delivery is just the cost of the flyers and the delivery cost. Advertising can be done on a seasonal or year long basis.

Our Flyer Delivery Service can be directed by individual neighborhoods. 

The is a minimum number of advertisements to be delivered of 2,500.

The affordable cost is $.075 for each advertisement is increments of:

​2,500 advertisements at $.075   = $187.50

5,000 advertisements at $.075   = $375.00

7,500 advertisements at $.075   = $562.50

10,000 advertisements at $.075 = $750.00

12,500 advertisements at $.075 = $937.50

15,000 advertisements at $.075 = $1,125.00

As a side note, in 1996 when Bill Dinkel first started Springtime Maids, he delivered Springtime Maid's advertisements on a Friday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm. At 4:30pm the same day the first customer call came in for a house cleaning estimate as a result of the flyer deliveries!