Flyer Delivery Services For Other Businesses

Advertising For Residential Services

SPRINGTIME MAIDS offers a very affordable FLYER DELIVERY SERVICE for businesses.

All flyers are delivered by Bill Dinkel personally with the advertisements of Springtime Maids.

The delivery area is South Charlotte including Waxhaw, Indian Trail, Stallings, Ballantyne and Blakeney.

Flyers are placed inside the newspaper boxes located under most suburban  type mailboxes.

Many advertising options for small businesses are very expensive and online driven or provided by the USPS by mail delivery routes only.

Media driven advertising such as radio, television, etc. are very, very expensive and only last for short campaigns.

Flyer delivery is just the cost of the flyers and the delivery cost. 

Advertising can be done on a seasonal or year long basis.

Our Flyer Delivery Service can be directed by individual neighborhoods. 

The is a minimum number of advertisements to be delivered of 2,500.

The affordable cost is $.075 for each advertisement is increments of:

​2,500 advertisements at $.075   = $187.50

5,000 advertisements at $.075   = $375.00

7,500 advertisements at $.075   = $562.50

10,000 advertisements at $.075 = $750.00

12,500 advertisements at $.075 = $937.50

15,000 advertisements at $.075 = $1,125.00

As a side note, in 1996 when Bill Dinkel first started Springtime Maids, he delivered Springtime Maid's advertisements on a Friday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm. At 4:30pm the same day the first customer call came in for a house cleaning estimate as a result of the flyer deliveries!